Epoxy Resin-crystal Glue 水晶膠 X34B(600ml)

Epoxy Resin-crystal Glue 水晶膠 X34B(600ml)


Water 仿真水系列
You can use combinations of types and size throughout your layout for superior realism.

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This product is a mixed material of glue A and B. The mixing ratio is relatively strict, so please try to make the ratio as accurate as possible. Inaccurate situations will affect the product effect. It is recommended to wear gloves when making.


The weight ratio of glue A and glue B is 3:1, and the volume ratio is 2.5:1. It is recommended that the total weight of the glue prepared each time should not exceed 120g, because the glue will release heat when mixed and solidified. Too much mixing may cause the item to become discolored and deformed. Therefore, if you need to make a larger product, please do it in layers (i.e. Make one layer first, then add another layer of glue after it dries). The solidification time in spring and summer is about 18-24 hours, and the solidification time in autumn and winter is about 36-48 hours.

Please place it in a cool and dry place. Please do not expose it to air for a long time after opening to avoid affecting the effect of the product.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

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