Shipping and Delivery Terms

    • The University of Hong Kong香港大學

      – Starting from 10th September, we will charge a delivery fee for each order. The price is listed below.
      – If you cannot place an order during the following time period, please contact us to arrange delivery during other time periods from 10:00 to 18:15 of the day (We are also available on Sunday now), but an additional $40 will be charged. Please order before 18:15.
      Please pay attention to the latest last order time, delivery time and delivery fee.

      If the order is later than one of the last order time periods in the table shown, we will deliver the product in the next time slot without further notification.

    • Last Order Time
      Delivery Time
      23:59(Last Night)

      Shipping Address: LG2, Knowles Building, HKU.

      ** If you cannot come to get the products, we’ll put them at the pick-up point. (The bench nears the Knowles Building.)

    • Other Institutions
      Students from these institutions who purchase HK$1500 or more, there will be free shipping fee.
    • Institutions
      Shipping Fee Mon to Fri (HK$)
      HKU Space
      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
      Chinese University of Hong Kong
      City University of Hong Kong
      HKDI (Tiu Keng Leng)
      Chu Hai College of Higher Education
    • The purchase amount does not include the laser cutting service.
    • Please pick up next to the car.
    • Please pick up the goods on time.
    • Delivery fees elsewhere are determined by third parties, such as Go Go Van, SF Express, LaLaMove, etc.
    • Please contact us via WhatsApp (852) 6323 1350 / (852) 6283 2680.
    • The actual delivery may be affected by road traffic congestion and bad weather. We will contact you to arrange a new delivery time.

Shipping fee and Terms

The above free shipping clauses do not include:

  1. Parking fees and home delivery service. If home delivery service is required, an additional cost will be levied.
  2. The maximum length of the above shipment is 600X1200 mm. If out of range of the length, an additional cost will be levied.
    以上出貨長度不超過600X1200 mm。如超出長度,將收取額外費用。

Goods Exchange Policy

The company does not provide refund service (except for out of stock).
本公司不設退款服務 (缺貨除外)。

You can return the new and unused products together with the original invoice / receipt to the store where you purchased within 3 days from the date of purchase or 3 days after the goods delivery. No refund on all the products and logistics costs, laser cut service.

  • We cannot accept exchange or return of items that have been laser cut, previously assembled, open packaging, used or damaged items, customer ordered goods, discounted display items, metalwork items (Including powder and liquids) and all materials that have already been cut.
  • If there is any dispute, the Chinese version shall prevail. Yan Ngai Architecture Materials Model Company reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.